Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby got lost!

We were driving over to my parent's house today and the weather was perfect for having the windows down. The kids love having the windows down. But then I hear Jacob say "I dropped baby!" I immediately know that this is a bad sign for baby is Jacob's beloved. I ask him where he dropped it and he said, "out the window". I got this sinking feeling right in my gut and all I could think about is how is he going to go to sleep tonight? He was crying a little bit but the car was silent was like Sam and Jacob knew that baby was gone forever. We turned the car around and drove back to where I thought he had dropped it and I looked all over the road and didn't see it. I made another U-turn to sweep the area because I am a mom with a HERO complex and have to save her children's babies from fire, water and floods or in this case a toss out the window. I couldn't believe my eyes...there was baby laying on the side of the road where I could easily get it. I pulled the car into a u-store it lot, told the kids I'd be right back, locked the car and trotted back down the sidewalk to retrieve the lonely baby. I brought it back triumphantly and was an instant savior. Baby was a little dirty but the instant Jacob saw it he was hugging it for dear life. It is safe to say nothing will ever be going out of Jacob's window again. Sam said to me as I got back into the car "I was worried that you had been killed." Now where does a 4 year old pick up such stuff?

pumpkin mania

Tomorrow is the contest and my pumpkin pie will be judged along with many other tasty pumpkin desserts! I really should be baking right now but have decided to take a much needed break from all the gooey mess that comes with scooping seeds out of a pumpkin. Yes, my fingernails are stained orange and my kitchen looks like Halloween came early but the pies will be scrumptious. Plus when my boys get up from their nap they can help me clean up - that's what kids are for, right? Then there is Kate, our boxer pup, who sits patiently by my side hoping for anything to fall her way. Wish me well. I must return to my kitchen now. I will let you all know how it goes.